Polka Dance for Pre-Teens!


It is “POLKA MOLKA” Time!
New! Polka Dance for Pre-Teens!
Two Age Groups:
5 yrs. old – 8 yrs. old
9 yrs. old – 11 yrs. old
New! Syllabus and Dress Code!
Download your copy Click Here. 

The Lively and Fun Bohemian style of dance called “Polka” has its origins in Central Europe in 1830. Hopping, Skipping and Jumping, Polka found its way into the hearts of North America in 1844. Later in years this spritzy bee boppin dance began to flourish in parts of South America. And now the Hot & Spicy Lil Dance is at Journey DanceSport Events  in Southern California!

The “Polka Molka” is the Journey Signature Dance for Kids under 12 years old. Starting with the Beginners Syllabus which you can download now, and working our way through the invigorating variations of the Polka Dance, we will find Champions and Future Champions!!

Journey Dancesport will be auditioning Polka Dancers at Journey DanceSport Championships  to join the – Journey “Polka Molka” Team. Come see what the Buzz is all about!

WoW! Yes, it is True!

Polka will be available for Gold Medal dancing at the West Coast AAU Junior Olympic Games for Dance!  Don’t miss out.. Qualify your PreTeens Now at Journey DanceSport Championships!

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